Melba and I completely enjoy playing the harp! 

Williams, Verneeta 2008

 We both began taking harp lessons in the Richmond Public Schools in the third grade.  We also both play the piano and sing, and I play the organ.  

We stayed with the harp at Richmond Community High School and at the University of Virginia.  While in college, between us, we also played with the Charlottesville Symphony Orchestra, the Petersburg Orchestra, and even occasionally with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra.

While we enjoy many genres of music, classical and Christian selections are dear to us.  We also play some popular music, waltzes, and Latin music.  

We usually perform individually at weddings of all denominations, funerals, community events, intimate house parties, graduation ceremonies, and so on.  We’ve played in churches, cathedrals, and synagogues; at the end of boat piers, in parks, on mountaintops, at resorts, hide-a-way retreats, rustic barns, country clubs, even on boats.

We sometimes perform as a duet — either both on harp, or Melba on harp and me at the organ.  We also enjoy playing with flutists, organists, pianists, violinists, trumpetists, and vocalists.


While harp is a wonderful activity, we do have day jobs.  I am a Family Physician who also perfoms obstetrical services in Newport News, Va.  Melba is a practicing general dentist in Richmond.  Naturally, she had a harpist, flutist and organist at her wedding.

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2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. She is very professional and provided us with great music!


    1. Thanks so much! It was a lovely ceremony!


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